• Dancers can't leave with customers.
  • At any time we may ask a customer to leave.
  • The safety and welfare of our employees is our top concern. Aggressive behavior, rudeness, fighting, flirting with female customers, and sleeping will be cause for immediate ejection from the premises.
  • No guns, knives, or tasers will be permitted in the club.
  • Say "No, thank-you" to drugs, be polite. We have a zero drug tolerance for our employees and customers.
  • No photography
  • Firing dancers: strictly your call. If you don’t like the dancer you are with, fire her by standing up and announcing loudly "you're fired bitch."
  • We do not tolerate underage drinking. This goes for employees and guests.
  • Please do not offer liquor to a dancer without asking if she is old enough to drink.


  • If the waitress brings you a drink, a dollar is appropriate.
  • If the waitress hooks you up with dances or ladies drinks 10%.
  • Tip for a private dance session: 10% to $100 depending.
  • The Host goes to the store for you: $10-$15.
  • Normal Host tip from customer for great hosting: $5.
  • The bar bitch does anything for you: $2.

The French Quarter opened up in 2003 and hasn't looked back since.
Voted #1 Bar of its kind in Hot Springs.
A true hole in the wall and diamond in the rough, French Quarter is your premiere Gentlemens Club in Arkansas.

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903 Central Ave #C
Hot Springs, AR 71901

Contact Us

Phone : 501-318-1575

Email : frenchquarterclub@gmail.com

Our Hours

MON-SAT 06:00 PM – 02:00 AM

SUN 07:00 PM – 1:00 AM