Arkansas law & Topless bars:

There are two types of topless bars in Arkansas.

Juice Bars are BYOB, don't serve alcohol,and are not regulated.

No buffer zone, no pasties, and private dances are done in special private dance rooms. Everything you need to add to your licker is available at the bar, or from a waitress.

Liquor bars are regulated by the ABC and are considerably tamer. They do not allow private dances, and require a 3 foot buffer zone. Dancers wear pasties (not pastries, which are delicious baked treats).

French Quarter is a juice bar. We do not sell liquor. You may bring in whatever liquor you like and can legally consume.

"Doc" Duke Kloss

Founder & Owner


Our Story

French Quarter was established in 2003, and is the most unusual bar of it's kind in the world!!