Our Policy

  1. Dancers can’t leave with customers.
  2. At any time we may ask a customer to leave. The safety and welfare of our employees is our top concern. Aggressive behavior, rudeness, fighting, flirting with female customers, and sleeping will be cause for immediate ejection from the premises.
  3. No guns, knives, stun guns or jello will be permitted in the club.
  4. Say “No, thank-you” to drugs, be polite. We have a zero drug tolerance for our employees and customers.
  5. Women customers are not allowed to “compete” with dancers. If you are a female customer that offers any type of services to someone (male or female) not in your party, you will be labeled a hooker and the girls will paint a big “A” on your forehead and toss you out into the night.
  6. No photography, even with your cool cell phone cam.
  7. Firing dancers: strictly your call. If you dont like the dancer you are with, fire her by standing up and announcing loudly “you’re fired bitch.” You may immediately hire someone else by asking “may I buy you a drink?” Naturally, you may have multiple dancers and any combination of drinks and dances you want. Try to remember here that they can fire you as well.
  8. This wonderful little piece of heaven we call the “French Quarter”  is everyone’s hang out. There are baby showers here, people get married here, and mostly a favorite place for many of us to hang out. The center point of how we work is respect. Everyone is treated well here. There are no bullies, tough guys, members of superior race or religions. The Quarter is more like Cheers than a topless bar. People come here to have a good time, and the employees come here to make sure that happens.
  9. if you are having a bad day, get a back rub and buy a beautiful girl and drink.
  10. The French Quarter was designed to be, and is and old guys bar. You young guys are welcome to share, but if you get out of line, two grey haired old farts are going to take you out back and kick the shit out of you.
  11. We do not tolerate underage drinking. This goes for employees and guests. Please do not offer liquor to a dancer without asking if she is old enough to drink.

Tipping Guide:

Our employees work for their tips

  • If the waitress brings you a pepsi a buck is appropriate.
  • If the waitress hooks you up with dances or ladies drinks 10%.
  • Tip for a private dance session 10% to $100 depending.
  • Stage tips: $1 to $5 per song. MAKE IT RAIN….$25-$50
  • The Host goes to the store for you: $10-$15.
  • Normal Host tip from custmer for great hosting $5.
  • The bar bitch does anything for you $2 in the jar.
  • “Let me see those puppies” $10 (always appropriate to ask or for the puppy owner to decline).
  • Asking the Big Cheese to preform a wedding or a funeral $100.
  • The Big Cheese tells you a joke…..Priceless.


Do we have customer service?

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable customer services reps are available to answer your questions 365/24/7