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other delights

Other Delights

With the music playing and our beautiful dancers ensuring you have a great night you can't go wrong. Try one of our top dances at French Quarter, The Shower Dance! 20 Minutes in a steam filled shower room with one of the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, only at French Quarter.

Food and Drink Menu

Drinks- $5.00

Pepsi-Diet Pepsi

Sierra Mist

Mt. Dew

Bottled Water

St. Pauli Girl

Ice-Down Charge for beer PP $3.00

Drinks $4.00

Red Bull

Tonic Water

Orange, Pineapple, V8 Juice

Cranberry Juice


Candy & Snacks $2.00

Slim Jim, Potato Chips, Doritos, Fritos Assorted Chocolate Bars. Varies by day.

Three Piece Chicken Dinner (watch it)

Two delicious Tootsie pops